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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Prey - PC game

If you are hunting for some easy Xbox achievement points, Prey is great.
If features some of the easiest awards to achieve. They include:
  • Playing all three games in the casino at the start of the game and racking up a high score for them.
  • Finishing the game on Cherokee (hard) mode.
  • Killing players in multiplayer with a certain weapon a certain number of times.
  • Being at the top of the table for a certain number of games.

While hunting, note that several enemy units do not automatically attack you.

Most notable, repair robots and servitors (or servants). If you are low on spirit, use a bow attack to the head to snag some spirit from the servitors, but if you can, avoid the repair robots. And when in doubt about where to go, look up.
Late in the game, Tommy will fall into a cube that assembles itself around him.
To get out, observe the blue panels. Adjust the gravity of the cube, and you can form an electrical pathway that connects all the panels and exit the cube.


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