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Friday, September 29, 2006

5 commandments of selling games online

Etiquette for trading second-hand games online

  1. Do not be a noob – Do you WTB (Want to buy), WTS (Want to sell) or WTT (Want to trade)?
    In a WTT, the trader simply wants to exchange his game for another, but unless otherwise stated, you can offer to buy the game if you do not have what the trader wants.
    In all cases, make reasonable offers or suffer the scorn of fellow Netizens.
  2. Be honest – state the condition and regional code of your game up front.
    Charging US$30 for an NTSC/UC (United States) game that will not play on NTSC/J (Japan and Asia) consoles or for a game that is in Japanese is as good as selling a faulty product, as the buyer will not be able to play it.
    If the disc is heavily scratched but playable, or its box lost or damaged, make that clear and adjust your price accordingly.
  3. Respond promptly – reply to the other party’s messages and turn up on time for the deal. Especially important if you have never dealt with person before.
  4. Do not “fly aeroplane #1” – that is, do not agree to a sale and not honour it.
    For instance, standing up the other party without good reason or cancelling the deal because you were offered a better price elsewhere.
  5. Do not “fly aeroplane #2” – similarly, it is in bad taste to agree on a price, then ask for more money, or for a discount.


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