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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Valkyrie Profile

CHEAT SHEET - With three endings for Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, purists will demand to see all of them. It is actually quite simple to do and does not require much work. To get the worst ending, simply reduce your Evaluation score to zero twice and it will appear.

Reducing Evaluation points requires you to keep as many artifacts as possible instead of sending them to Odin, and not wearing Lenneth’s ring during the Sacred Phases at the end of each chapter. Note that you will only see the warning and the ending when you leave areas, so you will need to do some work in the meanwhile.

To see the normal and best ending, create a game and play through it normally to see the normal ending.

For the best ending, you must reduce your Seal rating (not the same as Evaluation score) to below 37 and also send Lucian to Asgard before Chapter 7.

Also, you must encounter and kill Lezard in Chapter 4 the first time you meet him, as well as meet and decline Brahm’s offer of battle in Brahm’s castle. To reduce Seal ratings, unequip the Lenneth ring, recruit Lucian and Mystina, visit the Weeping Lily meadow and note that sending any heroes up to Asgard raises your Seal significantly.


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